Important to critique, record and lift veil from journalism: Ravish Kumar

New Delhi, June 03, 2024.

If a housing society starts to collapse, people start looking for better options and move out, says journalist and YouTube star Ravish Kumar about the debate over the decline of mainstream media and the rise of alternatives.

The schisms between different kinds of journalism and alternative platforms that have come up in the last few years are no longer a matter of discussion just for media insiders. From village squares to big city drawing rooms, the issue has been dissected thoroughly, more so in these elections. And, according to Ravish, this is being recorded whether through documentaries or song.

The journalist, who has over 10 million followers on his YouTube channel and is considered a trailblazer, is also the central protagonist of Vinay Shukla’s riveting 2022 documentary “While We Watched”.