India’s Automotive Industry Shifts Gears with the Convergence of EVs and Connected Technologies

New Delhi, February, 2024.

 The EV & Connected Mobility Innovation Forum, organized by Konnect Worldwide Business Media, highlighted the role of Connected Vehicles and EVs towards disrupting India’s Automotive Industry with Smart Mobility Solutions. The event saw participation from prominent industry leaders and stakeholders to discuss the future roadmap of the Automotive industry in India. The next phase of growth for mobility in India is fuelled by the connected vehicles, autonomous driving, electric and shared mobility among others was highlighted on the sidelines of the Forum.

With India emerging as the fifth largest global car market, according to a recent report by PwC, India possesses the potential to ascend to a position among the top three in the coming years. According to PwC, Indian Government is pushing towards the introduction of EVs through policies including Automotive PLI, FAME 2, and ACC Batteries scheme in creation of the local EV manufacturing ecosystem. The EV & Connected Mobility Innovation Forum emphasized on disrupting the future of mobility and bringing industry players together to discuss the roadmap for driving the smart vehicle ecosystem In India. The Forum witnessed participation from hundreds of leading EV Enterprises, OEM’s & ODM’s, Auto Companies, Electronics & Sensors and Smart Devices Infotainment Manufacturers, Investors and Auto Sector Thought leaders from across India

Anuj Sidharth, Deputy Director, Marketing & Corporate Communications, MediaTek India said

“With technology advancements in autonomous driving, AI drives connectivity, shaping a future where mobility is more interconnected. At MediaTek, we drive innovation in smart vehicle technology through our MediaTek Dimensity Auto platform solutions, designed to provide a wide range of flagship-grade technologies needed for the future of intelligent and always-connected vehicles that will revolutionize user experiences. We power more than 2 billion devices annually, and our goal is to leverage decades of expertise across several technology categories to provide high-performance computing for effective multitasking as we collaborate with the worlds top automotive brands to create a more intuitive, immersive, safe, and comfortable driving experience.”

Sanjay Gupta, Chairman IESA and President & CEO, Spark Minda said “The EV & Connected Mobility Innovation Forum 2024 illuminated the critical significance of AI and communication technologies e.g. 5G in revolutionizing AI-Cabin and connected vehicles. As we embrace these cutting-edge technologies, we’re not just driving innovation; we’re shaping a future where vehicles become intelligent companions, seamlessly integrated into our lives, enhancing safety, comfort, and efficiency like never before.”

“Micromobility is the future of electrification of transportation, specifically in cities, for last mile deliveries and short trips. However, micromobility needs better infrastructure and governance mechanisms for its sustainable and safe growth.  Vehicle connectivity and the associated digital technologies will play a key role for effective and safe deployment of micromobility in our cities.”addedRamachandran S, Principal Consultant, Infosys Knowledge Institute.

The interactive sessions focused on AI & 5G for Connected Vehicles in India scenario and Two-Wheeler EV Connected Mobility Megatrends with Sr. leadership being part of the panels from MediaTek, Continental Automotive, Spark Minda, Mahindra & Mahindra, Nissan, Visteon, Embitel, Yulu Connect, Green Tiger Mobility, Evoride Motors among others.

Aditya Ganjapure, Co-Founder & COO, Green Tiger Mobility said Need of proper commute arises in growing population and economy like us. Connected and smart mobility plays a vital role in technological growth, easy transportation and things like getting critical data of Rider behaviour, Vehicle health, SOS and Vehicle prognostic. BMS with integrated telematics system is the only way for moving towards it. At Green Tiger we are working on the same. We Thank Konnect Worldwide Business Media to showcase and shedding light on the tech of it.

“The convergence of AI and 5G in connected vehicles is the key to unlocking a future where mobility is seamless, connected ,  intelligent, and tailored to every individual’s needs. It’s also a paradigm shift   where every vehicle becomes a node in a vast network of real-time communications ” I am glad to be a part of EV & Connected Mobility Innovation Forum added Sunil David, Digital Technology Consultant

Rahul Sindhwani, CEO, Konnect Worldwide Business Media
added 5G & AI will revolutionize the automotive industry in India. Electric Mobility is a top priority of Govt. of India in interim budget 2024 with a target of 30% electric vehicles by 2030.
We are thrilled to host this power packed industry event& offer a best platform in the country to the wide range of tech companies, Investors and other key stakeholders in Automotive Sector. EV & Connected Mobility Innovation Forum further cemented our resolve in designing quality platforms to empower industry leaders in terms of interacting, connecting and exchanging ideas – thereby leading to a positive change. We are thankful to the industry for the overwhelming support to EV & Connected Mobility Innovation Forum.