Nexus Celebration announces their sustainable festive campaign

Udaipur, November, 2023.

As the global community grapples with escalating challenges posed by increased carbon footprint, Nexus Select Trust, India’s largest retail platform remains firmly grounded on their commitment of building a world of inclusive and sustainable development. Reinforcing the promise of making environment friendly choices and encouraging others to so the same, India’s largest mall owner and operator has launched an innovative Sustainable themed Diwali campaign inviting people from all over the country to come forward and donate packaging waste, paper bags and old newspapers etc. The highlight of the campaign aretheDiwali installations at most of their malls, which are made mostly from recycled paper and corrugated sheets.

This festive season, Nexus Celebration Mall in redefining the spirit of celebration by choosing sustainability, diversity and togetherness above everything else and recreating LOTUS TEMPLE on their premises. Leading in to this festive season, they have announced assured prizes for customers who shop above Rs. 7500from November 1 onwards.

At a portfolio level, this unique initiative is not only restricted to promoting an eco-friendly environment but will also embody the spirit of Indian heritage and diverse culture as each installation will be a visual representation of one of India’s most iconic monuments like India Gate, Hawal Mahal, Lotus temple etc.Crafted entirely from the recyclable corrugated cardboard, each of these installations will be both testament and reminder of the positive impact achievable through collective environmental responsibility.