Nidhhi Agerwal is all set to star in her new OTT thriller flick “AKIDO – The Revenge Chapter One”

Mumbai, November 21, 2023.

Nidhhi Agerwal is over the moon about getting to work with producer Prerna Arora who has quite the reputation in Bollywood for making quality, impactful movies with authentic storytelling. Nidhhi jumped at the chance to be part of Prerna’s debut OTT project named “AKIDO”, and for a good reason as the producer has an eye for selecting scripts with real depth and meaning, and her films tackle real issues in an entertaining way. 

Hits like “Pad Man,” “Rustom,” and “Toilet: Ek Prem Katha” have proven she knows how to spin a darn good yarn. So when she came knocking for the young actress, she immediately gave a nod. Nidhhi knows she’s in good hands for her OTT debut with Prerna at the helm. And it sounds like their new thriller “AKIDO” is gonna be another rollercoaster ride, chock full of mystery and intrigue. Just the kind of edgy stuff Prerna excels at. 

Nidhhi has already made serious waves working in Telugu and Tamil films. She’s starring alongside the one and only Pawan Kalyan in his next flick, which is a huge deal down South. She’s also got a movie with the iconic Prabhas in the works, plus a handful of other Tamil and Telugu projects in various stages. So her dates are pretty darn full with major films. But the chance to break into Hindi movies and streaming entertainment, working with a producer as respected as Prerna, was too tempting to pass up as this could be her big breakout nationally if “AKIDO” is a hit.