Physical & Mental Wellness and Personal Finance are Key Priorities for Indian Adults in 2024: Amex Trendex

New Delhi, February, 2024.

Indian adults are prioritizing wellness and personal finance as their top two priorities for 2024. This was revealed in Amex Trendex, a survey report by American Express that highlights trends in mental, physical, and financial wellness, personal sustainability goals and the future of work-life priorities.The reportis based on a survey of consumers from India, Australia, Canada, Japan, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Physical wellness and personal finance have emerged as the top focus areas for New Year Resolutions in 2024.

  • 85% of Indians are ‘very likely’ to set New Year Resolutions in 2024.
  • Physical wellness (76%) and personal finance (69%) are the top areas of focus for Indians.
  • 80% Indians plan to spend more on resolutions this year as compared to 2023.
  • Of those Indians prioritizing physical wellness, top resolutions include eating healthier (73%), more outdoor activities (63%) and getting a home exercise machine (51%).
  • Of those Indians with personal financial goals, top resolutions include growing savings (81%) and investing more or growing investments (75%).

Sanjay Khanna, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Country Manager, American Express Banking Corp., India said, “While India and global consumers are almost at par with their new year resolutions around physical wellness (76 and 75 per cent respectively), it’s great to see how 69% Indians are also focused around personal finance goals while the same number for global counterparts stands at 51 per cent. Indians are aware of what’s important to have a fulfilling life and for committing to holistic well-being. This is clearly evident from Amex Trendex, that tracks the evolving consumer preferences including spending, saving and traveling. At American Express, we will continue to back our Card Members to make the most of their resolutions with our services, products, rewards and experiences.”

Employed Indians are focusing on their mental health at work: Work-life balance, flexible work options and supportive work environment have emerged as top drivers for job satisfaction.

  • 80% ofIndians prioritize their mental health at work more now compared to previous years – with work-life balance (67%), flexible work options (61%), and a supportive work environment (60%) being top drivers for job satisfaction.
  • 78% of Indians report their workplace offers health and wellness benefits, and 84% are ‘very likely’ to utilize these benefits in 2024.
  • 82% of Indians feel they are much more likely to reach their goals if supported by their workplace.

Indian Adults are looking forward to experiencing more live sporting events this year.

  • 61% of Indians are ‘much more likely’ to attend live sporting events more often in 2024 compared to last year.
  • 97% of Indians are willing to travel to attend a sporting event this year, and 69% are ‘very likely purchase a ticket with exclusive access.

Setting sustainability resolutions also a key focus area for Indian adults

Among those planning on setting sustainability habits resolutions:

  • 59% Indians plan on using less plastic or one-time use products.
  • 58% of Indians would want to improve their recycling habits at home.
  • 56% Indians would like to improve their travel habits with 66% looking to book accommodations that prioritize sustainability.

What is the Amex Trendex?

The Amex Trendex is a trend index that tracks how consumers, small businesses, and retailers are feeling about spending, saving, traveling and more. The survey does not represent Amex customer spending data or trends.


*This Morning Consult poll was conducted between December 6 – December 20, 2023, among a sample of 2001 US Adults, 1005 Australia Adults, 1000 Canada and UK Adults, 1003 Japan Adults, 1002 Mexico Adults and 772 India Adults who have at least a $50k+ income equivalent and typically travel at least once a year. The interviews were conducted online. Results from the full survey have a margin of error of plus or minus 2-4 percentage points. Some geographies may be weighted with fewer variables depending on local census data availability.