Power of 30 is driving India – the dream of adding 30 trillion US dollars to the economy in under 30 years: Shri Goyal

New Delhi, December 01, 2023.

Power of 30 is driving India today – the dream of adding 30 trillion US dollars to our economy in under 30 years with the efforts of an under 30 population. This was stated by Union Minister for Commerce and Industry, Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution and Textiles, Shri Piyush Goyal whileaddressing the Bahrain Chapter of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India today.He added that India is a global bright spot for investors, where our market capitalization has just touched 4 trillion dollars 2 days back.

Shri Goyal pointed out that today India engages with the world with confidence and with an unparalleled, indomitable spirit of confidence, not arrogance. He said that India is an economy where the port capacity has been doubled in 10 years, where the airport’s functional commercial airports have doubled from 74 to 150 over the last nine years, and expected to further grow to 225 in the next five years, where 140 new inland waterways have been started to supplement the big network of railways and highways of modern high quality. He remarked that the beautiful infrastructure that we see in other parts of the world is now being created in India.

He also urged the audience to come and spend some time in Delhi and see the new parliament house or visit Bharat Mandapam where international exhibitions of high quality are being organized. He asked them to witness a prosperous, vibrant economy, a system that is taking care of the people of India and giving them a good future, a quality of life with ease of living opportunities. He saidIndia today is at the forefront of 5Gthrust – growth, good governance, grit, genuine trust and green technologies that reflects sustainability.

Shri Goyal said that Chartered Accountants are the largest organised professional body of Indians in Bahrain, with over 450 plus members. He said that they are playing an important role in the growth story of Bahrain, with their unwavering commitment to high integrity, high morals and hard work.He added that Chartered Accountants are India’s Ambassadorsacross the world and in Bahrain. He thanked them for the wonderful work that they are doing and for thier contribution with ideas and said that as our ambassadors to Bahrain, they make India proud with their commitment, dedication, integrity, hard work and passion. He also complimented them for organizing the discussion on leadership, sustainability, geopolitics, human potential, Healthy Living – things which are contemporary and things which are necessary.