HyPrada, the renowned luxury fashion house, introduced its latest creation, Prada Paradoxe, a captivating and enigmatic fragrance that embodies the spirit of the ever-evolving Prada woman. In collaboration with Global SS Beauty Brands Limited, a subsidiary of Shoppers Stop, Prada unveiled this exceptional fragrance at a pop-up event held at Select City Walk, Saket, Delhi on 29th June. Esteemed influencers Rasna Basin and Juhi Godambe graced the event, lending their support and sharing their insights on the allure of Prada Paradoxe.

This unique pop-up event at Select City Walk provided an experiential journey for guests, where they engaged with the fragrance through immersive zones, where they captured the essence of Prada Paradoxe in interactive installations, and the Caricature zone, adding a touch of personalized charm to the experience.

Prada Paradoxe perfectly captures the elusive and ever-evolving Prada woman. This iconic feminine scent, which embraces her paradoxes and celebrates her individuality, is a harmonious fusion of a classic white flower bouquet and an avant-garde olfactory symphony. Encased in its iconic triangular bottle, Prada Paradoxe captures the enigmatic and contradictory aspects of fragrance and personal identity and explores the contradiction-symbiosis that is inextricably linked to Prada. The new signature feminine fragrance harmoniously blends the worlds of craftsmanship and technology, tradition and modernity, challenge and refinement, rigor and fantasy. It offers a fresh and captivating perspective on the enigma of femininity, delivering a scent that is simultaneously intriguing and comforting.

Commenting on the event Mr. Biju Kassim President Beauty at Shoppers Stop said, “New Delhi is a big market for perfumes, but people are still hesitant to try something new here. So, we decided to let them experience the product before   purchasing it. Our team ensured that the goal was met and that the experience was memorable for the brand.”

At the heart of Prada Paradoxe are sustainably sourced ingredients, including Moroccan Neroli Oil, Vanilla Infusion, and Calabrian Bergamot Heart. These elements intertwine to create an alluring fragrance that captivates the senses and leaves a lasting impression. The Eau de Parfum is available in various sizes ranging from 30ml to 100ml.

Global SS Beauty Brands Limited, is a subsidiary of India’s leading omnichannel retail destination Shoppers Stop.  Global SSBeauty Brands undertakesexclusive distribution of international beauty brands and has joined forces with Prada to bring the new fragrance to the shelves of renowned beauty and retail stores, across the country.

About Prada

Established in 1913, Prada has become an iconic luxury fashion house known for its cutting-edge designs, timeless elegance, and unparalleled craftsmanship. Prada’s commitment to innovation and artistic exploration has resulted in groundbreaking collections that challenge conventional norms and captivate the global fashion scene. With an unwavering dedication to quality and excellence, Prada creates exquisite garments, accessories, and fragrances that embody sophistication and artistry. Prada fragrances are meticulously crafted to capture the brand’s essence and evoke an enchanting sensory experience. Each Prada scent is a masterpiece, carefully composed using the finest ingredients and meticulous attention to detail. From its groundbreaking designs to its captivating fragrances, Prada remains a true icon of luxury and artistic excellence, celebrating individuality and pushing the boundaries of creativity.