Rajasthan’s Investment Landscape Expands: SBI Securities Reaches Ajmer

Ajmer, January, 2024.

SBI Securities proudly announced the opening of its new branch in Ajmer on 23rd Jan 2024.The brand has 93 broking service branches in India, of which 6 are in Rajasthan. In the future, the aim is to add more branches in this state. This momentous occasion signifies SBI Securities’ unwavering commitment to bringing equity broking services and cutting-edge technology to the heart of these thriving cities. The new branch will cater to the diverse financial needs of the local communities, offering a comprehensive suite of investment products and trading-related services.

The new office in Ajmer is located in Vaishali Nagar, Main Road. The inauguration event was marked in the presence of Mr. Ashok Divakar – RM, Ajmer South and Ms. Pullavi – RBO Ajmer North. Mr. Deepak Kumar Lalla, MD & CEO at SBI Securities, expressed his enthusiasm for this expansion. He stated: “We are delighted to inaugurate the branch in Ajmer and Bikaner, the cities are teeming with entrepreneurial spirit and immense economic potential. These new branches embody our unwavering commitment to providing our customers with the highest standards of excellence and empowering them to make informed investment decisions.

SBI Securities’ expansion into Ajmer signifies a vital step forward in democratizing access to financial expertise and empowering investors across Rajasthan. With its commitment to deliver all investment products, under one roof and personalized guidance, SBI Securities is poised to become the trusted investment partner.