Rhea Chakraborty and Prince Narula engage in a war of words on MTV Roadies 19

Mumbai, July 01, 2023.

Rhea Chakraborty and Prince Narula, gang leaders on the reality show MTV Roadies 19, Have an ongoing rift between them In a recent promo video of the show, fans saw the tension between them reach a boiling point.

The trouble began when Prince faced a moment of panic while selecting the top 10 contestants for his gang. In the heat of the moment, an argument erupted between Prince and Rhea, with Prince remarking, “Isko toh khud kuch nahi pata (She doesn’t know anything)”. This statement left Rhea furious, and she questioned Prince, “Why do you always have to get so personal with everyone? We know ourselves enough, and you don’t need to tell me if I know myself or not.” She demanded that he lower his voice.

Prince, undeterred, defended his right to express himself. He said, “I’ll say what I want. Why do you have to take everything personally… let me do what I want.” Despite the intervention of the show’s host, Sonu Sood, their heated exchange persisted.