Scuzo Ice ‘O’ Magic Dessert Café Expands its Sweet Reach with Jaipur’s First Outlet

Jaipur, September 25, 2023.

Scuzo Ice ‘O’ Magic, the trailblazing pioneer of India’s Live Popsicle Concept and Dessert Café, is proud to announce the grand opening of its flagship outlet in Jaipur. The company has partnered with AP Enterprises as a master franchise in Rajasthan to expand its network in the state. Located at Plot No. O2, Queens Road, near Vijay Dwar in Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan, this new establishment promises to transport customers on a delightful journey through time, delivering joy and irresistible treats. With an unwavering commitment to offering a low-sugar, healthy experience, Scuzo Ice ‘O’ Magic is set to redefine dessert indulgence in the Pink City.

Scuzo Ice ‘O’ Magic introduces an innovative live popsicle concept, where customers can select their favorite fruit from an extensive range and witness the craft as their popsicle is prepared within minutes. Apart from popsicle, Scuzo Ice ‘O’ Magic offers a delectable assortment of desserts that includes hand-made gelatos, ice cream waffles, pancakes, milkshakes, and sundaes, all meticulously designed to cater to your sweetest cravings.

Driven by a strong mission, Scuzo Ice ‘O’ Magic strives to provide 100% natural products and gain widespread recognition as a brand that excels in expertise and innovation in the frozen dessert sector. Catering to the health-conscious, it serves nutritious desserts crafted from exotic fruits without using any preservatives. Moreover, the company takes sustainable initiatives to minimize its environmental impact and encourage thoughtful consumption. One noteworthy innovation is the introduction of rice straws infused with edible flavors, a development that guarantees both consumer safety and eco-friendliness.

Speaking at the launch event, Gagan Anand, Founder and Director of Scuzo Ice ‘O’ Magic, shared his enthusiasm, stating, “Each day, my determination to craft unique and all-natural frozen desserts ignites my enthusiasm. We are elated to announce the inauguration of our inaugural outlet in Jaipur. Our aim is to offer patrons a delightful experience with our live popsicle concept and a diverse array of delightful treats. The unwavering commitment to using 100% natural ingredients and embracing sustainable practices underscores our dedication to exceptional flavor and environmental awareness. Together, we are forging a path towards a future where indulgence and responsibility harmoniously coexist. We invite you to join us on this flavorful journey!”.

Surendra Rawat and Abhishek Kumar, AP Enterprises, Master Franchise Partners, also expressed their excitement about this collaboration, stating, “As franchise partners, we’re genuinely thrilled about this new exciting collaboration and the incredible chance it gives us to bring joy to people’s lives through this nostalgic popsicle concept and delightful dessert café. By introducing Scuzo’s delicious and nourishing treats to the younger generation, our aim is to contribute to their overall happiness and support their holistic growth. We eagerly look forward to serving the fantastic people of Jaipur with unique offerings, and we are confident that Scuzo Ice ‘O’ Magic outlet will quickly become a beloved destination for families, friends, and dessert enthusiasts alike”.

Scuzo Dessert Cafe provides a spacious environment for patrons to savor an exceptional, fully vegetarian menu crafted with top-notch, fresh, and natural ingredients. Upholding the company’s ethical principles, it serves a wide range of desserts along with both hot and cold beverages.