Published On: Tue, Apr 2nd, 2024

The AI-Based Smart Contract Audit Service “Bunzz Audit” Has Officially Launched

New Delhi, April 2024.

Bunzz launches “Bunzz Audit,” an AI-driven smart contract auditing service offering fast, cost-effective audits with actionable insights for security improvements, scanning contracts from over 100 perspectives using AI and an extensive database.

Overcoming the Challenges of Traditional Smart Contract Audits in Blockchain Projects

Blockchain-related projects trade users’ assets on-chain, and the smart contracts governing this logic are at risk of being attacked. As a measure, “smart contract audits (Audit)” are conducted, but users of existing major audit firms face the following challenges:

  • The cost of traditional audit firms is very high (from 10K to 1M of USD).
  • Emphasis is placed on the “seal of approval” from major audit firms, making the original goal of “improving security” a mere formality.
  • Engaging an audit firm can delay product launches or token listings due to the time taken for audits.
  • The accuracy of reports and the cost of communication can be unstable depending on the audit firm’s personnel.

As an approach to solve these issues, Bunzz, the smart contract development infrastructure, has researched and developed an AI-based audit service, “Bunzz Audit.”

In the open beta version in January this year, we received a lot of positive feedback, and we have now officially launched “Bunzz Audit” as a formal version.