New Delhi, July 10, 2023.

As people are increasingly growing interested in holistic wellness and beauty, there is an increased demand for reliable raw materials among large and small cosmetics brands. VedaOils by Bo International, a renowned provider of premium-quality essential oils and natural products, is thrilled to announce the launch of their comprehensive Cosmetic Raw Material Range for personal care brands. This new range is set to revolutionise the beauty industry by offering an extensive selection of trusted raw materials that personal care brands can utilise to create effective and high-quality cosmetic products.

With a strong commitment to promoting natural and sustainable beauty solutions, VedaOils has become a trusted name in the industry. The launch of their Cosmetic Raw Material Range provides personal care brands with the finest ingredients for their formulations, at the best prices for small and large businesses.

One of the key highlights of the Cosmetic Raw Material Range is the emphasis on customization. VedaOils understands that personal care brands require flexibility and the ability to differentiate their products. Therefore, they offer a wide variety of raw materials that can be tailored to specific needs, enabling brands to create unique formulations that cater to their target audience. The products in the range include Emollients to moisturise the skin, such as shea butter, which can be bought in refined, unrefined, and liquid forms.

Cosmetic range also includes Emulsifiers that can be used to formulate skincare and haircare products, like cetyl alcohol. VedaOils also offers a range of Texturizers and fillers, including dead sea mud and activated charcoal powder. Besides this, common ingredients like preservatives, stabilisers, conditioners, thickeners, lye, and surfactants can also be found on their platform. From organic botanical extracts to nourishing carrier oils, VedaOils ensures that all ingredients meet stringent quality standards.

“Our goal at VedaOils has always been to provide our customers with nature-inspired, ethically sourced ingredients that deliver exceptional results,” said Aayush Gupta, CEO at VedaOils. “With the launch of our Cosmetic Raw Material Range, we aim to empower personal care brands to unlock their creativity and develop new products that prioritise natural beauty and consumer well-being. By offering trusted products for every formulation in personal care, we simplify the process of researching and sourcing ingredients on our one-stop platform.”

In addition to the extensive product range, VedaOils also offers comprehensive support and expertise to small and large personal-care brands. Their team of experienced professionals is readily available to provide guidance, recommend ingredients, and assist in the formulation process. If companies wish to use their pre-formulated solutions, the team can also assist them in the private-labelling process, ensuring that brands receive the necessary resources to excel in today’s competitive beauty market.