International Naturopathy Organization becomes the largest naturopathy organization in the world

New Delhi, February 2024.

The International Naturopathy Organization, dedicated for 25 years to the promotion and overall development of Naturopathy among the general public at the national and international level, was honored with the “Biggest Naturopathy Organization in the World” award in the international conference organized in Ho Chi Minh city, the economic capital of Vietnam. to be done.

In the international conference organized on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Vietnam Book of Records, by India Book of Records and World Records Union, Honorable Minister of Vietnam and Director of Indo-Vietnam Medical Board, Dr. Biswaroop Roy Choudhary, Vice Chairman of Surya Foundation and International Naturopathy National President of the organization, Dr. Anant Biradar was honored with a medal and certificate. 

About 700 representatives from 10 countries making special contributions in the fields of literature, education and health participated in this conference. On this occasion, Honorable Rajya Sabha MP Shri Ramchandra Jangra and 12 year old Master Jayesh from Pune were also honored for their special contribution in Hindi language and for memorizing the national anthems of 195 countries. Even before this, International Naturopathy Organization has been honored with Asia Book of Records for mass mud bath in 2018. 

Under the inspirational and efficient guidance of Padmashree Jayaprakash ji, Founder Chairman of Surya Foundation and International Naturopathy Organization, Naturopathy Yoga (AYUSH) is being spread through various programs, camps and campaigns in 32 states of India (including Union Territories), about 500 districts and America, We have been successfully promoting it for last three decades in China, Canada, Vietnam, Mauritius, Ukraine, Australia, New Zealand, Nepal, Philippines and other countries. Padmashri Jayaprakash ji himself has adopted and used naturopathy in his life.

He wants that every citizen of the country should get the knowledge and benefits of this simple and affordable indigenous medical method.

He has launched it to connect the general public towards Naturopathy, to attract government attention and for its overall development, promotion and promotion. In order to create a mass movement, the “India Jagao – Satyagraha” movement was carried out in 2003 at Gandhi Samadhi Rajghat in Delhi by simply burning water for 20 days. As a result, many creative schemes were announced by the Central Government for the development of Naturopathy and Modi Government has formed an independent Ministry of AYUSH on November 9, 2014. At present, ‘Kaun Banega Swasthya Rakshak’ campaign is being run by International Naturopathy Organization and Surya Foundation for public awareness about Naturopathy-Yoga among the students and general public (age group 12 years to 60 years), in which 75 lakh people have participated.

The target has been set. In the year 2012, an International Conference on Naturopathy was successfully organized in Bangalore in which more than 5000 people participated. In the year 2018, on the occasion of International Yoga Day, a record was set in making 73 lakh people of the world practice yoga. Apart from this, Doctors Management Training Camp, Seminar, Conference, Camp, Yoga-Natural Medicine Day, publication of Nature Cure World quarterly magazine and coordination with Central and State Governments etc. are the major programs of International Naturopathy Organization. 

From the inception of the organization till today, many constructive works have been done for the overall development and promotion of Naturopathy-Yoga in collaboration with the Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India, which includes formation of National AYUSH Mission, declaration of Naturopathy Day, National Board for Promotion and Development of Naturopathy, Naturopathy Registration Board, Naturopathy Task Force and strengthening of self-governing institutions running under the Ministry, Central Yoga and Naturopathy Research Council and National Institute of Naturopathy etc. We believe that if naturopathy is expanded properly, the health budget of our family and country will reduce, and with Naturopathy-Yoga, a person can remain healthy and influence other people in the family and society. International Naturopathy Organization is a Naturopathy campaign, you all can contribute by becoming a part of this campaign.