New Delhi, August 2023.

Tata Motors Limited sales in the domestic & international market for July 2023 stood at 80,633 vehicles, compared to 81,790 units during July 2022.

Domestic Sales Performance:

CategoryJuly 2023 July 2022% change
Total Domestic Sales78,84478,9780%

Commercial Vehicles:

CategoryJuly 2023 July 2022Growth
HCV Trucks8502747314%
ILMCV Trucks48995524-11%
Passenger Carriers4292345424%
SCV cargo and pickup1352315022-10%
CV Domestic3121631473-1%
CV IB17282681-36%
Total CV3294434154-4%

Domestic sale of MH&ICV in July 2023, including trucks and buses, stood at 13,291 units, compared to 12,012 units in July 2022.

Total sales for MH&ICV Domestic & International Business in July 2023, including trucks and buses, stood at 13,830 units compared to 12,974 units in July 2022.

Passenger Vehicles:

CategoryJuly 2023July 2022Growth
Total PV Domestic (includes EV)47628475050%
PV IB61131-53%
Total PV (includes EV)47689476360%
EV (IB + Domestic)6329415153%

Includes sales of Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles Limited and Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Limited, both subsidiaries of Tata Motors Limited.